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The Smartlipo laser treatment

“The way to get tighter skin.”  

What is a Smartlipo laser treatment ?

The Smartlipo treatment is specifically designed to tighten the skin. The Smartlipo laser device heats the subcutaneous fat with different wavelengths of light, causing the fat to liquefy and be easily removed. It also tightens the skin. This golden combination makes the Smartlipo laser unique in its kind as a Lipolaser 

Perfect results without surgery with the Smartlipo laser treatment!  

Various treatments are available. For double chin removal and jawline tightening, we use the Precision Smartlipo. Previously, it was not possible to fix this type of problem without major surgery, but thanks to the Smartlipo, it is possible with minimal surgery and long-lasting effect, without bulges and retracted skin.  

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