rimpels handen verwijderen

Hand rejuvenation with fillers

“Our hands betray our true age.” 

Suffering from wrinkly hands ?

The hands can quickly give away your age. But how does that actually happen? And what treatments can rejuvenate the hands? The hands (just like your neck and face) are exposed to daylight and sunlight your whole life. In addition, your hands are exposed to countless chemicals over the years. By nature, your hands have little subcutaneous fatty tissue and the skin becomes thinner, saggier and drier over the years. The structures underneath, such as tendons and blood vessels, become more visible quickly, and pigmentation and wrinkles develop. Fortunately, all of these issues are easily treatable. 


Filler treatment for the hands 

During the skin aging process the skin becomes thinner. We lose hyaluronic acid and subcutaneous fatty tissue over the years. Using a Skinbooster treatment based on hyaluronic acid, we can improve the hydration and quality of the skin. It is also possible to restore the subcutaneous fatty layer with Radiesse , firming the skin itself. This collagen stimulator is well absorbed into the skin and ensures that visible veins and tendons are concealed. A combination of a hyaluronic acid filler and Radiesse can also be used; this is called a hybrid filler. Which treatment is used depends on the quality of the skin and the wishes and needs. Are you also bothered by pigmentation and age spots on the hands? Then a treatment with one of our skin therapists can offer a solution! 


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Aging hands The problem

Do aging hands bother you? Just like the skin on our face and neck, your hands also face the natural aging process. The skin becomes drier, thinner and saggier, which can cause wrinkles to form and veins and tendons to become more visible. Your hands are also frequently exposed to daylight and sunlight, causing skin damage. Despite many treatments for the face, neck and décolleté these days, rejuvenating the hands is often forgotten. The sayingour hands betray our real age” is there for a reason.

Filler treatment for hands in Rotterdam, The Hague or Nijmegen The treatment

After we receive you at our clinic, photos are taken and a preliminary consultation follows to go over your wishes. The doctor will make a personal treatment plan with you. The consultation is completely non-committal. After this, you can schedule an appointment to undergo treatment. Depending on the chosen product, our doctors work with a cannula or needle. The anesthetic is different for each chosen product. In fact, many different fillers already contain anesthesia, making an additional anesthetic unnecessary. Should a product be chosen that does not include anesthesia, then the area will be numbed beforehand by the doctor with a numbing cream. You will hardly feel the pricks. In total, the appointment takes about half an hour. 

After hand rejuvenation filler treatment After the treatment

After treatment, some swelling or possibly bruising may occur around the area where the filler was injected. Should some swelling occur, there is no need to panic. After a few days this will go away by itself. Because of the possible swelling it is wise to leave jewelry off. 

Hydrated younger-looking hands The results

Immediately after the treatment, the results are already visible. You will immediately see that the veins and tendons are less noticeable and wrinkles have largely disappeared. Over time you will notice that the skin becomes firmer, better hydrated and your hands look many years younger. The filler treatment is temporary and will be broken down naturally by the body over time. The effect of a filler can last up to about a year and a half, and the effect of treatment with Radiesse can last up to about two years. 

Price Prices
Hand rejuvenation
We work with the following types of fillers.

Juvederm: Ultra smile, Ultra 3, Ultra 4, Voluma, Volbella, Volift, Volux
Belotero: Balance, Soft, Volume, Intense
Skinbooster: Volite, Prophilo, Revive

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 Frequently Asked Questions  

What does a treatment for hand rejuvenation look like?

After we receive you at our clinic, we will take pictures that the treating physician will review and discuss with you. This will include a detailed discussion of your treatment wishes and goals. The consultation is completely non-committal. After this you can schedule an appointment to undergo treatment. During the treatment the hands can be filled with a collagen stimulator. Depending on the treatment wish, the doctor will advise you on the amount of filler needed for the desired result. This treatment is done through tiny punctures with a thin needle, placing the filler just under the skin. You will be back outside within 30 minutes with significantly younger hands. For optimal results, we also recommend looking into possible skin therapies, such as laser treatment to have any pigmentation spots removed.

When do I choose filler treatment for my hands?

Do you notice that the skin on your hands is thinning, sagging, drying or your veins are emphatic? Your hands betray your age, which is not always pleasant. Does this bother you or would you like to remedy this problem? Then feel free to come in for a free consultation so that our specialists can provide you with all the information you need about hand rejuvenation with fillers. 

How long does it take to see results after filler treatment for your hands?

The result of this treatment is visible almost immediately, but optimal results can be seen after 2 weeks due to any swelling or discoloration. 

How long do the results with fillers last?

At the Van Rosmalen Kliniek we work with temporary fillers. This means that over time the filler will be broken down naturally by the body. Depending on the type of filler used during treatment, the result can last up to about 1.5 years. With Radiesse, the result can even last up to 2 years. 

Is filler treatment for hand rejuvenation painful?

The treatment is performed with an ultra-thin needle and numbed beforehand with a numbing cream. Therefore, this treatment is completely painless. 

Can I resume my daily activities immediately after treatment?

After treatment of the hands with a collagen stimulator, there are a few things to look out for. You can move the hands as normal, but it is important not to rub or massage the hands for 48 hours after treatment, unless the treating physician has specifically recommended that you do so. There may be some swelling and/or bruising after the treatment. With proper cooling, the swelling will subside again. Any blue discoloration may be camouflaged with makeup a few hours after treatment, once the puncture holes are closed. We recommend not exercising intensively for 24 hours after treatment and not seeking bright sunlight or heat in a tanning bed or sauna, for example, for 2 weeks after treatment. Exposure to UV radiation can be extra sensitive for the treated skin and affect the result of the filler treatment. Therefore, the skin should be covered with an SPF daily!

What can I do about pigmentation on my hands?

As we age, the pigment in the skin increases and manifests itself in pigment spots. So too on the hands. While a filler fills in the skin, it does not provide a solution for reducing pigment spots. If you not only want to fill the hands with filler, but also reduce the pigmentation for optimal results then a laser treatment with one of our skin therapists is the right solution!