Crow's feet and wrinkles around the eyes

Deep laugh lines and crow’s feet soften.”  

Suffering from deep crow's feet & eye wrinkles?

A day without laughter is a day not lived! Fine laugh lines and crow’s feet are charming, but unfortunately these wrinkles get deeper with age. So eventually you see laugh lines even when you are not smiling, which you may find disfiguring. Deep wrinkles around the eyes often give an old and tired look, especially if they continue across the cheeks. In women, moreover, makeup can disappear during the day, accentuating wrinkles. In some young people, crow’s feet can be seen as the first lines in the aging process, even though this does not yet suit their youthful face.  


Whatever yor age, with botox treatment we can remove your crow’s feet in a quick and effective way. Your deep laugh lines can also be softened without losing your natural charm. It is also possible to do a combination treatment with injectable fillers in the cheeksfillers in the temples or in the very deep eye wrinkles for optimal results

During a personal consultation at the Van Rosmalen Kliniek we will tell you more about the possibilities. Schedule your appointment right here!  

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Crow's feet and wrinkles around the eyes The problem

Crow’s feet are caused by strong muscle activity when you smile or squeeze your eyes. The eye ring muscle is connected to the delicate skin around the eyes, creating laugh lines and expression. But at some point the lines remain visible when the face is relaxed. When you have sunken temples, the lines can even extend to the hairline

Crow’s feet are one of the most commonly treated wrinkle problems and occur at various ages, including in younger men and women. How deep the crow’s feet are varies from person to person, but in general, the younger you are, the more elastic the skin is. Often a treatment with Microbotox is then already very effective. In other cases botox alone is sufficient, but in some cases fillers are needed to support the skin. We will inform you in detail about this during a personal consultation at the clinic 

Crow's feet botox treatment in Rotterdam, The Hague or Nijmegen The treatment

After we have received you in our clinic we will have a short, preparatory conversation and take pictures to see the results before and after treatment. Then the treatment begins. Using a very thin needle, Botox or Microbotox is injected into the muscles around the eyes, causing these muscles to temporarily relax and the skin around the eyes to calm down.  

This treatment takes only a few minutes and is virtually painless because your skin is cooled during the botox treatment. In some cases, we recommend a combination with a filler, such as on the cheekbone or in the skin wrinkle. These treatments are performed separately, with the filler being placed first so that any swelling is gone, before botox is applied.  

After the crow's feet botox treatment. After the treatment

After treatment, you may notice some redness, swelling or blue discoloration where the pricks were given. If you wish, you can camouflage this with a little makeup. After two to three months, the product is broken down again by the body. But the effect of the treatment can remain visible for longer because the skin has rested for a longer period of time. For a beautiful and long-lasting result we recommend repeating the treatment at regular intervals. Of course, we will inform you in detail about this in the clinic.  

Results crow's feet botox treatment The results

Deep wrinkles around your eyes fade or disappear, giving you back an open look. Doctor Annemarie van Rosmalen finds it very important to preserve your natural expression. She creates as unobtrusively as possible a more relaxed and youthful version of yourself. Often your surroundings do not notice an immediate difference, but you may be asked, for example, if you have been on vacation. And if you go to bed late, you still look good in the morning. Botox can be used preventively for incipient lines or to correct existing lines around your eyes 

Prices Prices
Botox crow's feet (1 zone)
Botox crow's feet with brow elevator
Botox Frown lines, crow's feet and brow elevator (2 zones)
Botox forehead and frown wrinkles, crow's feet and brow elevator (3 zones)
3 x 1 zone
3 x 2 zones
3 x 3 zones

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 Frequently Asked Questions  

How does a botox crow's feet treatment work?

Botox or microbotox is injected with a very thin needle into the sphincter muscle around the eyes, reducing tension and calming the skin around the eyes. An additional effect is the elevator of the eyebrows.

When am I suitable to have crow's feet treated?

Crow’s feet are the wrinkles next to the eyes. The amount of wrinkles increases with overactivity of the eye ring muscle. As you get older, these wrinkles gain depth, causing them to lose their charm and giving you a tired and older look.  


By undergoing a botox treatment for crow’s feet, our cosmetic doctors will help you regain your youthful and fresh look! Please note that a Botox treatment of crow’s feet is less suitable if you have fluid retention under your eyes. Therefore, always get advice from an experienced cosmetic doctor.

Is a Botox treatment against eye wrinkles painful?

A botox treatment against eye wrinkles is considered almost painless. The treatment is performed with a very thin needle.

How long does a Botox treatment for crow's feet last?

Prior to treatment, we will discuss all your wishes with you during a free consultation. Our cosmetic physicians will provide advice in the form of a personalized treatment plan. During the botox treatment, this plan will be reviewed once again to then begin treating the crow’s feet and eye wrinkles. The treatment itself takes only a few minutes.  


How long will it take to see results from my treatment?

The result of botox treatment crow’s feet and eye wrinkles is not immediately visible after treatment. This is because the botulinum toxin has an effect time of several days. Usually it takes about a week before the final result becomes visible. The maximum effect is achieved after 2 weeks. 

How long does it take before I am presentable again after the botox treatment?

After the treatment of crow’s feet and eye wrinkles, some swelling, redness or a slight blue discoloration may be visible in the area where the botox was injected. Should you find this annoying, this problem can be remedied with a little make-up so that you can resume your daily activities almost immediately after the treatment. 

What will my crow's feet and eye wrinkles look like after the Botox wears off?

Botox has a temporary effect. Over time, muscle activity around the eyes will increase again as the botulinum toxin gradually wears off. As a result, the lines become visible again. For the best and most lasting results, it is important to repeat the treatment. We include all of this in the personal treatment plan. 

do I not lose my facial expression after the Botox treatment against crow's feet?

No, you do not lose your facial expression after a botox treatment against crow’s feet. At the Van Rosmalen Kliniek we always go for the most beautiful and natural result, based on your unique appearance. With us, you don’t have to worry about losing your facial expression. Our cosmetic doctors will look at what suits you best so that with a small adjustment you can regain your fresh look in a subtle way. 

Can I treat other areas of my face at the same time?

At our clinic, it is possible to undergo a combination treatment of injectable treatments. For example, a combination treatment with fillers inserted into the temples or cheeks can be chosen to achieve optimal results! During a free consultation, these options can be discussed in detail. 

How long does Botox for crow's feet last?

The effect of botox has a temporary effect. The cosmetic result of Botox against crow’s feet and eye wrinkles can last 3 to 6 months, after some time the muscle activity in the skin increases again, making the wrinkles around the eyes more visible again.  

For continuous results, it is important to repeat the treatment regularly. Then the effect is also usually longer visible. In the personal treatment plan of the Confidence Booster we look to achieve the best and most long-lasting results for the long term.  

With which treatment(s) is this treatment often combined for optimal results?

A botox treatment for crow’s feet is often beautiful in combination with a treatment for the frown. This gives an extra lifting effect of the eyebrows. Do you want to get rid of your overall tired look? Then it’s better to go for a combination treatment, such as the PRO Fresh.