Skincare for your skin type

Prevent wrinkles, stop time or look younger?”  

Which skincare suits your skin type?

There are many different skin types. Often it also varies by area of your face and by season. Below you can read which skincare is best for your skin. But for everyone, an SPF (sun protection factor) is very important to best care for your skin and keep it intact. All year round! At the Van Rosmalen Kliniek we work exclusively with cosmeceuticals. These products contain a high concentration of active ingredients 

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Normal skin Normal skin

Even if you have no skin problems, it is important to take good care of your skin. In this way the condition of your skin is maintained and you can prevent rapid skin aging. It is therefore important to hydrate and stimulate your skin. You can do this by using cosmeceuticals. This is because these products contain hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to bind water to itself and thus gain or maintain moisture levels. Glycolic acid removes dead skin cells from your face, giving you smooth, soft skin with a beautiful glow. It also works anti-aging. 

Examples of the cosmeceuticals we can recommend are C.E. FerulicPloretin CFserum 10, hydrating B5A.G.E interruptermineral radiance defence SPF50Ultra facial defence SPF50brightening UV defense SPF30Foamer 15C25 creamhyal ceuticregenceuticKceuticactiv retinol 0.5/activ retinal 1.0dermaliftCreme LBiologica serum. In terms of eye care, we recommend: AOX eye gel. Of course, the product depends on what suits your face.  

Dehydrated skin Dehydrated skin

Do you suffer from a feeling of tightness and fine lines of dryness? Then you most likely have dehydrated skin. This is often caused by incorrect skincare or other cosmetics. As a result, your skin’s barrier functions are lost and your skin loses its moisture retention substances. By the way, it is not true that you only suffer from dehydrated skin if you have dry skin: it can also occur with oily skin. It is important to allow the skin to recover and become healthy again. This requires skin care products that have a high concentration of the right ingredients. Cosmeceutical products are excellent for this, as they contain a high concentration of glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and vitamine C 

Dry skin Dry skin

Flaking, tightness, redness and dry lines are signs of dry skin. Everyone suffers from this from time to time, but if it persists, your skin becomes increasingly unbalanced. Sometimes this is hereditary, but it can also be related to improper skincare and makeup use. The older you get, the harder it is to repair. Fortunately, with the right skincare, you can bring your skin back into balance. With dry skin, it is important to restore your skin’s barrier functions and reduce irritation. Cleansing once a day is sufficient.  


The right ingredients for this skin type are glycerin, zinc, urea and hyaluronic acid. If you suffer from flaky skin, it is best to use a mild cleanser based on glycolic acid. Prefer not to use intensive scrubs, as this often only makes the skin more sensitive and dry. There are special Cosmeceuticals for dry and sensitive skin. An example is Hydrating b5phyto correctorredness neutralizerHyalceuticregenceutickceuticCrème L.

Oily skin Oily skin

Do you suffer from blackheads, pimples, shiny skin or large inflammations? Then you have oily skin. Hormone changes, improper skincare, stress and hereditary predisposition can cause increased sebum production. This skin can also be very sensitive. It is therefore important not to use too many irritating products, especially those based on alcohol and perfume. This is because it dries out the skin, causing it to produce more fat. The products that are good contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid. This is because salicylic acid and lactic acid work to dissolve sebum and glycolic acid removes the blanket of dead and cornified skin cells. The skin also needs hydration and protection, for which other products can be used.

Some areas of the face shine extra due to overactive sebum production, such as the chin, nose and forehead. The excessive amount of sebum also causes large pores, which can cause inflammation. You can stop this process by using peels, such as the Milkpeel, pure spa peel and keratogulateur. They reduce inflammation and regulate sebum production. If you suffer especially on and around your chin, Botox® can also be a solution. 

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