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Acne scar removal with fillers

“No more pits, but even skin you feel comfortable with!”

Suffering from acne scars and welts?

Acne scars are the result of the common skin condition acne. By now, you may not be bothered by the acne itself, but you are bothered by the skin damage it has caused on your face. It’s annoying enough that you had acne, but when acne scarring continues to impact your self-confidence – it’s extra annoying. Fortunately, with today’s techniques, this doesn’t have to be something permanent. Want to remove the welts in your skin and acne scars? You can!

Acne scars can be treated beautifully with fillers. Acne scars are a type of pits in the skin. These pits are attached to the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Between the skin and the subcutaneous fatty tissue, the doctor places a diluted filler using a hollow needle (cannula). What is the effect of this filler? By subtly injecting the diluted filler into it, the pits are gently loosened. This has an equalizing effect. The treatment with fillers is not invasive, it provides an improved skin structure and a smooth, even skin, just as you would like it to be!

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Disturbing acne scars on your face The problem

Acne scars occur because pimples have become inflamed, damaging the skin. The risk of scarring is greater when you: have squeezed pimples, you suffer from poor wound healing or the inflammations have been exposed to a lot of sunlight. In the latter case, in addition to pitting, you will see dark discolorations on the skin. We can treat these discolorations well with our GLOW Purifying. Would you like to treat acne pitting? Fortunately, you can, so that your scars -just like your acne- are something of the past.

Acne scar removal in Rotterdam, The Hague or Nijmegen Treatment

After being received at the clinic, there is a brief discussion and we take pictures to see the differences later. Between the skin and the fatty tissue, the doctor inserts a diluted filler using an ultra-thin cannula. The filler consists of hyaluronic acid, a substance native to the body, and a thinning agent. The scars are like pits in the skin that are attached to the subcutaneous fatty tissue. By placing the filler between the pits, they gently pop off, which has a smoothing effect.

After acne scar treatments with fillers After treatment

After acne scar treatment, slight swelling and bruising may be seen on the treated areas. However, these will disappear quickly. It is important not to massage the skin. In addition, we recommend that you do not exercise for the first 24 hours and do not take a tanning bed, sauna or treatment at the beautician for the first week. Also, protect your skin extra well with a good sunscreen during the first two weeks.

Even skin without pits and acne scars The result

You will see clear results immediately and for 10-12 weeks it will become even more beautiful. The filler is well distributed in different areas. Because the doctor uses a small amount of filler, the treatment does not create more volume, but a nice filling of the pits. This makes for a beautiful and very natural result. If you look in the mirror after the treatment you will recognize your own face, but with an even skin and improved skin structure!

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Acne scars with fillers
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