What is laser treatment?

“More beautiful, even skin through laser treatment.”

What can theVan Rosmalen Kliniek do for you?

+ Couperose

Are you completely fed up with your red nose? Tired of all the camouflage you have to smear on your red cheeks? Do you often get asked if you are hot, or do people think you are blushing? Then you probably suffer from couperose.

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+ Pigmentation spot removal

Would you like to remove pigmentation spots on your face or neck? Are the spots getting darker and bigger? We have everything you need to make sure those unsightly brown spots become less visible.

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+ Rosacea

Do you seem like you are always blushing? Do you suffer from red skin on your face, mainly on your cheeks and nose? Then you probably suffer from rosacea, a chronic condition of the skin responsible for that bright red color.

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+ Smartlipo treatment

The Smartlipo laser treatment is a treatment to tighten skin. The Smartlipo laser device heats the subcutaneous fat, causing the fat to liquefy and be easily removed.

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What can laser treatment do for you?

Lasers use light at a specific wavelength, which penetrates deep into the skin and and is converted to heat. In a laser treatment, no layer of skin is removed, but the light from the laser is absorbed by the vessels, skin cells and water in the epidermis. We work with different types of treatments that focus on a particular target in the skin. Here you can think of lasers that remove pigment spots, remove unsightly, red veins and vessels (couperose and rosacea) or tighten and rejuvenate the skin. We would be happy to explain what our various lasers can do for you. Make an appointment for a free introductory consultation with one of our skin therapists at our clinic in Rotterdam, The Hague or Nijmegen.

Harmony XL

The Harmony XL is suitable for treating couperose, pigmentation spots and excessive hair. Working with different laser and light devices, the Harmony XL is therefore the most controlled and safe way to treat couperose and pigmentation, as it never creates a permanent white spot (hypopigmentation). All the red color and vessels in the skin absorb the laser light, causing the vessel wall to adhere and the couperose to stay away. Removing couperose can be sensitive. The tone of your skin improves, as if you had an even foundation on. This type of laser/IPL works with light that is absorbed into the skin by the pigment spots and red veins. Thus, no layer of skin is removed in the process. This laser or IPL treatment is a good solution for red veins or vessels, called couperose and for pigmentation spots, sun spots and discolored scars. The skin also absorbs the heat from the laser/IPL and may tighten as a result. Please note that very dark skin or sun-tanned skin cannot be lasered. Pigmentation spots on brown skin are better treated with peels.

Fractionated laser

A fractional laser makes tiny holes in the skin, allowing it to recover faster. As the water in the epidermis absorbs the light, the old skin cells evaporate. This makes the skin surface smoother and more even – this is called laser resurfacing. This laser treatment for skin rejuvenation can be set shallower or deeper with the laser. This is a good treatment for acne, wrinkles, deep pores, pits, scars and uneven skin. Unlike conventional lasers, the recovery period after fractional laser treatment is only two days instead of two weeks.

We are happy to explain what the different lasers can do for you.
Call for a free introductory consultation with one of our skin therapists at our clinic in Rotterdam, The Hague or Nijmegen.

Confidence Booster® GLOW

Our laser treatments are part of our Confidence Booster® GLOW combination treatments. Read more or watch the videos below for a further explanation.