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Beautiful, full lips for a radiant smile.”  

Suffering from aging lips or less volume in your lips?

Your lips give your face character without speaking. The shape and volume of your lips is very decisive in this regard. As you age, that shape can change. Volume decreases and wrinkles appear around the mouth, where your lipstick easily shows through. The loss of volume changes the position of your mouth, so you may not smile as freely as you would like. It could also be that you are young and would like to have fuller lips, or that you are not happy with the symmetry of your mouth. With the help of lip fillers, there are several options available to make your lips more beautiful. For young people, and especially if you are a little older. Always with a natural result, because we look closely at what suits your face.  

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Thin and / or dry lips The problem

Not everyone is blessed with full lips. That’s a good thing, because full lips don’t suit every face. However, as we age, lip volume decreases, which is actually a shameespecially if you used to have a beautiful, full mouth. You can also choose to subtly grow the volume of your lips, if you were always dissatisfied with your thin lips. In short: whether you’ve lost volume or already had thin lips, fillers can give wonderful results 

Dry lips  

Fillers can also be used for dry lips. The Skinbooster Volite is suitable for this. This will firm and hydrate your lips long-term without changing their shape or volume. It is also a wonderful entry treatment for people with thin lips, where we treat the contours with Volbella and shape the body with Skinbooster Volite. This provides subtle filling in volume and a big difference in hydration and firmness. Read more about the Skinbooster treatment here.

Suffering from an overbite 

When the teeth are not in the right proportion to the jaws, this is called an overbite. The upper teeth stand slightly over the lower teeth, this causes the teeth to not align nicely. We often see braces or surgery, such as jaw surgery, chosen as solutions. However, these two solutions do not appear to be a suitable or desirable way for everyone. By adding more volume to the lower lip and chin with a filler, the overbite can be reduced optically in an effective, quick and safe way. 

Lip filling in Rotterdam, The Hague or Nijmegen The treatment

After being received at the clinic, a personal consultation follows and we take photos to later see and compare before and after treatment results. Then we schedule the actual treatment. During the treatment a number of punctures are made in the area to be treated. Sometimes we treat only the upper or lower lip, depending on what suits you. To achieve the best results, we often also recommend a peel or laser treatment beforehand. That way the result will be even more beautiful and natural 


After lip filler treatment After the treatment

After the lip filler treatment there may be some redness, swelling or blue discoloration in the area where the punctures were made, but this will quickly disappear. Immediately after treatment you should not wear lip gloss or lipstick, to prevent infection. As long as your lips still feel numb, it is important not to bite down on them to feel if the sensation is coming back yet. We also advise to avoid smoking and hot drinks for the first few days, and we recommend that you do not go to the dentist or oral surgeon after the treatment, as there may be too much pulling on the lip. As long as there are still bruises, it is best not to go under a tanning bed or into bright sunlight 

Result of lip fillers The results

A treatment with injectables gives a nice result between 6 to 12 months. After this, the effect will slowly diminish. Your mouth can remain sensitive for a while, your lips are a very sensitive area. Don’t worry, this feeling will disappear quite quickly, so you can enjoy your beautiful, sensual lips 100%!  

Price Prices
Volume in the lips

We work with the following types of fillers.

Juvederm: Ultra smile, Ultra 3, Ultra 4, Voluma, Volbella, Volift, Volux
Belotero: Balance, Soft, Volume, Intense
Skinbooster: Volite, Prophilo, Revive

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 Frequently Asked Questions  

How does a lip filler treatment work?

After receiving you at the clinic, we will have a personal consultation and take pictures to see the results of the treatment later. After the consultation, we immediately schedule the treatment for you. During the filler treatment, a number of punctures with hyaluronic acid are placed in the area to be treated. In some cases, we treat only the upper or lower lip, depending on what suits you 

Don't my lips stretch after lip filler treatment?

Your lips will not stretch as a result of lip filler treatment. Your lips may look different because of the increase in volume, but they will still be the lips you naturally have. After 8 to 12 months, the volume in your lips will decrease again and you may choose to repeat the treatment.  

How is the most natural result achieved with lip fillers?

We always go for a natural result and look at what suits your face in the best possible way. After all, your lips give your face character without speaking. The shape and volume of your lips is very decisive. We will not treat more than necessary 

How long does the result of a lip filler treatment remain visible?

The result of a lip filler treatment will stay for 8 to 18 months. After about 6 months, the effect will slowly diminish and you can choose to do a touch-up in between to prolong the retention of the filler for the best and most beautiful end result 

After how much time will I be presentable again after lip filler treatment?

You will be presentable immediately after the treatment. However, it is important to cool your lips a lot after the treatment. In fact, your lips may be a bit swollen and red from the punctures, but by cooling them well this will diminish within a few hours. It is also possible that blue coloring may occur around the injected area. These spots are not permanent and will disappear within a few days.