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Hollow or deep-set eyes

“Say goodbye to a tired or sad look.”  

Do you often look tired?

Do you suffer from hollow or deep-set eyes, giving you a hard, tired or even aged look? During the aging process, our subcutaneous fatty tissue decreases, including the fat in the eye socket where the eyeball rests. This can make the eyes appear to be deep in the eye sockets.  

Hollow eyes or deep-set eyes often develop as you age, but it can also be naturally present at a younger age. In either case, it can be beautiful to fill hollow eyes very subtly with fillers. This fills in the sunken eyes, so to speak, restoring a younger and fresher look to your eyes and softening contours. Often this is done in combination with filling the tear ducts, for the most beautiful result

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Trouble with hollow eyes or deep-set eyes The problem

Your eyes play a major role in your appearance and are known as the mirror of your soul. It is therefore not surprising that they are often the first thing you look at. Unfortunately, hollow or deep-set eyes can give a tired and aged appearance. During the aging process, our subcutaneous fat tissue decreases, which can cause sunken eyes as we age. Hollow eyes can also be naturally present at a younger age. This can make you appear older than you actually are, for example. Because every face is unique, treatment will also be tailored specifically to it. We therefore recommend that you make an appointment for a free consultation, so we can work with you to create a customized treatment plan.  


Watch the video about the aging process of the face here:  

Treatment hollow eyes or deep-set eyes in Rotterdam, The Hague or Nijmegen The treatment

After reception at one of our clinics in Rotterdam, The Hague or Nijmegen, we will have an introductory talk and take pictures of your face to see the results before and after treatment. In a filler treatment for deep-set eyes, we use ultra-thin cannulas. A cannula is a needle with a more blunt tip, which allows for less swelling. Treatment with a cannula is virtually painless and also ensures a quick recovery! By using filler, your sunken eyes are filled in, so to speak, giving you a fresh and younger look.  

After a filler treatment for hollow or sunken eyes After the treatment

After a filler treatment against hollow or sunken eyes you will need little or no recovery time, this often depends on the individual and can therefore be different for each person. Immediately after treatment there may be some redness or swelling, but this will disappear quickly. You may also experience a little more fluid retention around your eyes in the first two weeks. We recommend that you do not visit a sauna, tanning bed or beautician for the first week. In addition, it is important to protect your skin with an SPF for the first two weeks.

Fresh and younger look The results

After the treatment, you will have a fresh and younger appearance! The fillers ensure that the angry and/or tired look is gone and your face shows soft contours. How often the treatment for hollow or deep-set eyes should be repeated for optimal results varies from person to person. During the personal consultation, one of our specialists will explain all about this 

Price Prices
Hollow eyes

We work with the following types of fillers:

Juvederm: Ultra smile, Ultra 3, Ultra 4, Voluma, Volbella, Volift, Volux
Belotero: Balance, Soft, Volume, Intense
Skinbooster: Volite, Prophilo, Revive

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 Frequently Asked Questions  

How does a filler treatment for deep or hollow eyes work?

After arriving at the clinic in Rotterdam, The Hague or Nijmegen, we begin with analyzing your face and discussing your wishes and the possibilities in terms of treatment. After a short intake, pictures will be taken to compare the results. To perform the filler treatment for hollow eyes, the doctors use a cannula. By injecting the filler in different areas around the eyes, you will regain a fresh and rested appearance.  

When do I choose a deep or hollow eye filler treatment?

Deep or hollow eyes often give a tired and aged look. This can be naturally present, but the aging process can also cause your eyes to deepen. A filler treatment for deep or hollow eyes offers a solution to this problem. You will trade your tired look for a young and fresh appearance 

Is a filler treatment for deep or hollow eyes dangerous?

All of our treatments are performed by skilled doctors who are KNMG registered. This is a protected title from the NVCG that demonstrates that a cosmetic doctor is trained and competent to perform cosmetic treatments, such as filler treatment for hollow eyes. In addition, at the Van Rosmalen Kliniek we use a filler based on hyaluronic acid. This is a substance native to the body and is broken down by the body over time. The treatment is therefore completely safe!  

Is a filler treatment for deep or hollow eyes painful?

A filler treatment for hollow eyes is performed with a cannula; an ultra-thin needle. An entrance hole is first made in the skin; this is numbed with a cold stick. Then the filler is inserted through this entrance hole. The filler itself also contains anesthesia, making the treatment virtually painless 

After how much time will I be presentable again after a filler treatment for deep or hollow eyes?

Treatment for deep or hollow eyes requires little to no recovery time, this depends on each person. After treatment, some redness or possible swelling may occur, which will subside after a few days and eventually disappear completely. Also, in the first two weeks after treatment, your eyes may retain more fluid than you may be used to, but this too will subside. Cooling helps to counteract the swelling and therefore promotes the possible recovery time!  

How long does it take to see results after filler treatment for deep or hollow eyes?

The result of filler treatment for deep or hollow eyes is visible almost immediately. You will leave our clinic in Rotterdam, The Hague or Nijmegen with a fresh and young appearance 

Can I treat other areas of my face at the same time?

For optimal results, this treatment is often combined with a tear trough filler treatment or a botox treatment against crow’s feet and eye wrinkles to achieve a rested look and fresh eyes. During a personal consultation, the various options are discussed with you and a personal treatment plan is drawn up to achieve the best results!