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Slumped cheeks

“A youthful and healthy look.” 

Does a tired look bother you?

Slumped cheeks can be the result of the decrease of collagen in the skin, but also because the support of subcutaneous fat tissue has disappeared. If the cheekbones are still filled but the rest of the cheeks are not, a tired look can occur. Some call this a “jaded” face, and others are often asked if they have lost a lot of weight.

Slumped cheeks can be properly filled with fillers, creating a healthier look. Your face will gain volume, look softer and the shadows in your face will be significantly reduced. When you choose filler treatment for your slumped cheeks, we always take a close look at your facial features. At the Van Rosmalen Kliniek, we always go for a natural result. Your unique face remains – the correction is subtle, but very effective. Fillers in the cheeks can also be a perfect solution for wrinkles left in the cheeks.

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Slumped cheeks The problem

As we age, our skin changes. We produce less collagen and subcutaneous fatty tissue loses its firmness. This can make your cheeks and cheekbones look sunken, giving you a tired and aged look. Do you suffer from this and want to restore a fresh look to your face? The cheek filling treatment at the Van Rosmalen Kliniek provides a subtle but spectacular difference.

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Slumped cheeks treatment with fillers in Rotterdam, The Hague or Nijmegen The treatment

Before you can be treated by our cosmetic doctors KNMG, you must first come in for a consult. During this free consultation you can discuss your wishes with the doctors. Our doctors will give you an appropriate and personalized advice during the consultation. Then you can make an appointment for the treatment.

On the day of the treatment itself, there is a brief catch up with the doctor and then they take pictures to see the results of the treatment later. After that, the treatment begins, where filler are placed in the cheeks by using a cannula. In doing so, we use a hyaluronic acid-based filler to create volume and beautiful contours. Because there is anesthesia in the filler, the treatment is painless and quick. The treatment takes only half an hour.

After the sunken cheeks filler treatment After the treatment

After the treatment, there may be some redness, swelling or blue discoloration around the injection site. This simply goes away after a few days and can be camouflaged with some makeup. It is important to avoid massaging the treated area for the first few days and to wait a while before going into the sun or having treatments at the beautician.

A youthful and fuller face The result

After the treatment, you will see the results almost immediately. Your face will be more youthful and fuller again, without being too noticeable. This is because we always look at the natural shapes of your face. The fillers get slowly broken down by the body over the course of several months. We recommend that you repeat the treatment after six or twelve months.

Prices Prices
Volume in the cheeks, just below the eyes

We work with the following types of fillers.

Juvederm: Ultra smile, Ultra 3, Ultra 4, Voluma, Volbella, Volift, Volux
Belotero: Balance, Soft, Volume, Intense
Skinbooster: Volite, Prophilo, Revive

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 Frequently Asked Questions  

How does filler treatment for sunken cheeks work?

The cheeks lend themselves well to being treated with a cannula. Canulas have a blunt tip that pushes your skin away, so to speak, rather than “piercing it. As a result, you have less tissue damage, less bruising, less pain and faster recovery. 

When should I choose for a sunken cheeks filler treatment?

As we age, our skeleton shrinks and our skin changes; we produce less collagen and subcutaneous fatty tissue loses its firmness. This can cause your cheeks and cheekbones to look sunken, giving you a tired and aged appearance. 

Is this filler treatment painful?

With an ultra-thin needle we give a number of punctures in the cheeks, in addition to that, we use an anesthetic during the filler treatment, making the treatment virtually painless.

How long does a filler treatment for slumped cheeks last?

A filler treatment for slumped cheeks takes about 30 minutes.

After how much time will I be presentable again after filler treatment for slumped cheeks?

After the treatment, you will be immediately presentable. There may be some redness, swelling or a small blue discoloration around the injection site. This will go away after approximately 4 days. It’s important to not massage the treated area for the first few days and to wait a while with bright sun or treatments at the beautician.

Does this treatment also eliminate the wrinkles on my cheeks?

Your face will have more volume and look softer, the shadows in your face will diminish considerably. Wrinkles will also soften. 

How long will the result remain visible?

Over the course of several months, the fillers will slowly get broken down by the body. Depending on your personal situation, we recommend repeating the treatment after either 8 or 18 months.