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“For a less sunken face.” 

What is your desire for improvement?

  • Do you see sagging or sunken cheeks when you look in the mirror? 
  • Does your face lose volume? 
  • Have you lost weight or have hormones caused distortions in your face? 
  • Do you suffer from a runner’s face? 
  • Would you like a fresh and soft face with more volume? 

Our solution 

Is this recognizable? Or do you see the first subtle signs of volume loss appearing and want to treat them preventively? Then a PRO Fit combination treatment for the entire face may be the right choice for you. As you age, the skeleton shrinks and the amount of collagen in your skin, as well as the subcutaneous fatty tissue in your face, decreases. This causes loss of volume and less elastic skin. What does that mean when you look in the mirror? We often see men and women come in to us whose cheekbones are still filled out, but whose skin starts to fall in at the cheeks. External factors, such as intense exercise, stress or hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause, can exacerbate this. Whatever the cause – fortunately, we can often easily give you a healthier and fuller appearance, with beautiful and natural results. On top of that, with us you are assured of the very best and safe care. 

What is PRO Fit - less sunken face?

The PRO Fit – less sunken is a combination treatment of different injectables for different areas of the face, specially formulated to restore volume to a sunken face. With injections in the cheeks, for example, we can give your face more volume, softer shapes. In addition, we can provide an elevator in certain areas of your face. During an intake interview with the doctor we analyze together your entire face and appearance. We look at your anatomy, facial expressions, dynamics, degree of aging and which characteristics exactly cause an unwanted appearance. Thus, we take the PRO Fit treatment as a basis and tailor it to you without unnaturally changing your unique face. 

What makes our PRO treatments unique? 

We always listen first to your story and improvement needs. Then we analyze your face in detail – we look at the total picture and no detail will be left unsaid. We take one of our PRO treatments as a starting point and tailor it to your face and wishes. In addition, we make a personal long-term plan with you. We like to look beyond one treatment. Precisely because of the continuity and combination of treatments, skin aging, volume loss and sagging of subcutaneous tissue is effectively inhibited. For example, we combine this PRO fit treatment with a GLOW skin treatment -which tightens the skin under the eyes- and HOME skin care products that prevent the dissolution of collagen. By combining treatments that pursue the same goal, you ensure a faster and longer lasting effect. 

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The PRO Fit step-by-step plan

Pre-consult Pre-consult

We start with a telephone pre-consultation with one of our beauty consultants. During this consultation we will ask you some questions about your improvement wishes. This way we can estimate which PRO treatment best suits your needs and which doctor or therapist we can schedule an intake with. 

Intake Intake

The intake is with one of our doctors. During this intake we will once again discuss your wishes together and we will extensively analyze your face. This way we can properly advise you on which areas of the face and how many injectables we could place. We also draw up a personal plan together. We look at which additional and maintenance treatments are appropriate for optimal and lasting results. This way we can also give you an indication of the costs. Would you benefit more from an eyelid correction or forehead elevator? Then the doctor will also be able to advise you this. 

Treatment Treatment

On the day of treatment, we start with a brief preparatory talk and take pictures to compare results later. Then the treatment begins. We treat with ultra-thin, hollow needles. Because these needles are so thin, we can work very precisely. This type of needle is called a cannula and this technique is extra safe and the impact is minimal. Why? Because the cannula pushes the skin away rather than piercing it. The big advantage of this is that your facial tissue is much less damaged this way. This is especially great for the cheeks. It means for you that you are less likely to bruise and recover faster. With these cannulas, we inject small amounts of hyaluronic acid-based fillers at established injection points. An anesthetic is added to the filler, making the treatment barely painful. 

Post-treatment Post-treatment

You can go home immediately after the treatment, without supervision. You will receive extensive aftercare instructions, which you can read at your leisure. Immediately after the treatment small or large swellings may be visible depending on the extensiveness of the treatment. Sometimes there are some bruises visible, sometimes they still appear after a few days. Due to anesthesia, the treated area is hardly painful, but this may cause a slight stiff and sore feeling. There is no need to cool or massage the treated area. We also advise against intensive exercise, going to a tanning bed or sauna or having a beauty treatment for the first two days after the treatment. You may wear makeup, but apply it with clean materials. Protect the treated area with factor 50 sunscreen. Should swelling persist or do you have questions about aftercare? Then of course you can contact the clinic. 

Results & maintenance Results & maintenance

Everyone recovers differently from treatment with injectables. In general, you can see the result after 2 days, but after a month the result is at its best. All injectables are non-permanent, or temporary. Our experience is that you will see the effect of a PRO fresh treatment for about 8 to 18 months or even longer. After that, the effect will slowly diminish. Do you want to enjoy the result as long as possible? Then we recommend combining injectables with our GLOW and HOME treatments. These treatments ensure that your skin is in good condition and with a healthy skin you enjoy the effects longer! In addition, we recommend repeating the treatment. In fact, injectables can give increasingly long-lasting results when you repeat the treatment with some regularity. 

Include PRO Fit in your Confidence Booster® annual plan? Prices

Does this PRO treatment suit your improvement needs? During the intake interview we look at your face and determine together whether we include this treatment in your personal annual plan. We almost always recommend repeating and combining this PRO treatment with one or more of our GLOW skin therapy treatments and HOME skin care products. This is why we created the Confidence Booster® annual plan. With a holistic approach, we would like to offer you a long-term plan that is tailored exactly to your needs and face. This way, together we achieve the most beautiful and longest lasting effects and the most natural results.

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