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Remove bags and dark circles under the eyes

“Say goodbye to that tired look!”  

Do you suffer from a tired look?

With a rested look comes a fresh eye look. Bags, deep tear ducts and dark circles under your eyes can give you a tired appearance. You will frequently be asked if you might be sad, overtired or even sick. It is often a combination of several factors that cause puffiness or dark circles. For example, it can be hereditary, but the natural aging process also plays a big role in the appearance of puffiness and/or dark circles under the eyes. Does that tired look bother you and would you like to do something about it? Often people immediately think of undergoing surgery, but in many cases this is not necessary 

What to do about dark circles and bags under the eyes 

The bags under your eyes are usually easy to solve by placing a filler under the eyes, which fills in the tear ducts, for exampleEspecially if there is not too much moisture retained in the puffiness, this is an effective way to get rid of a tired look! In addition to placing a filler under eyes, we can also recommend a botox treatment, which will relax the muscles under the eyelids. If there is excess skin, a laser treatment can help tightening the skin. During a free consultation our doctors will look at the causes together with you and a personal treatment plan will be made.  


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What are the causes of dark circles under your eyes? The problem

Because the skeleton shrinks as you age, volume loss can occur and in addition, the skin under your eyes becomes less elastic with age. A deeper tear duct may also be naturally present at a younger age. In addition to deep tear ducts, people may also suffer from bags of fat, puffiness and dark circles. This can be treated in several ways, by one of our Cosmetic Doctors KNMG, without surgery. This offers a very approachable solution with immediate results.  

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Watch the video about the aging process of the face here:  

Puffiness and dark circles removal in Rotterdam, The Hague or Nijmegen The treatment

After receiving you at the clinic, we first take pictures to be able to properly see the result of the treatment later. Then the consultation with a Cosmetic doctor KNMG takes place, during which a personal treatment plan is drawn up. Depending on the treatment plan that we have put together especially for you, we get to work.  


The deep tear trough is subtly filled with a filler, providing support under the eyelid. With a filler treatment for the “fat wall,” the transition from the wall to the cheek is filled, allowing it to continue in a smooth line, making the wall no longer visible. An ultra-thin cannula is used during the treatment, which ensures a quick recovery!  


Watch videos where puffiness and/or dark circles are treated here:  

After filler treatment for puffiness and dark circles After the treatment

After treating puffiness, some redness, swelling or blue discoloration may be seen on the treated areas, but this will quickly disappear. We recommend that you do not take a tanning bed, sauna or treatment at the beautician for the first week.  


It is important to protect the skin with a sunscreen for the first two weeks. To keep the results of the treatments optimal, it is important to take good care of the skin around the eyes. In addition to the cream with SPF, you can use an eye cream with antioxidant such as Skinceuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex, SkinCeuticals AOX Eye Gel or Dermaceutic serum C25.

Rested and refreshed look The results

You will see a world of difference when we compare the before and after photos of the treatment.  A fresh, rested look, without shadows and dark circles under your eyes. You will feel years younger and you will radiate that too! How often the treatment should be repeated for optimal results varies from person to person. Of course we will tell you more about this during a personal consultation 

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 Frequently Asked Questions  

How can I get rid of puffiness or dark circles?

The bags under your eyes are usually easily reduced by placing a filler under the eyes, filling in the tear ducts, for example. Especially if there is not too much moisture retained in the bags, this is an effective way to get rid of a tired look! In addition to placing a filler under eyes, we can also recommend a botox treatment, which will relax the muscles under the eyelids. If there is excess skin, a laser treatment can help, which tightens the skin.  


How long does filler treatment for puffiness removal take?

Treatment for puffiness removal under the eyes and/or dark circles removal takes about half an hour 

Is the treatment for puffiness removal painful?

The treatment is virtually painless. In this under eye filler treatment, we use ultra-thin cannulas, briefly numbing the skin with a cooling wand at the entrance of the needle into the skin. In addition, the under eye filler contains anesthesia, so you will barely notice the barely anything from the treatment.  

How long does it take to see results after treatment?

The result of fillers under the eyes is best evaluated after two weeks. Your face may still feel a bit swollen in the first few days 

After how long will I be presentable again after an eye bags filler treatment?

Sometimes there may be some redness, swelling or a small blue discoloration around the injection site after treatment. You can camouflage this with a little makeup and continue with your daily activities. Should you experience any swelling, it is a good idea to cool down a few times during the day around the treated area. Furthermore, it is important not to massage the filler under the eyes immediately after treatment.  

Is this under eye filler treatment safe?

At the Van Rosmalen Kliniek the cosmetic doctors are NVCG certified and carry the official professional titlecosmetic doctor KNMG’. This shows that a cosmetic doctor has completed a thorough education and is certified and competent in performing cosmetic treatments. After all, a successful procedure starts with an appropriate doctor! In addition, we exclusively use temporary fillers based on hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally occurring in the body. These fillers are not permanent and are broken down by the body itself. We treat extra safely with a cannula instead of a needle in order to determine the correct place of the filler. A cannula has a blunt tip, allowing you to treat more precisely. This minimizes the chance of potential complications 


How long do the results of treatment for puffiness removal last?

The result of a filler treatment for puffiness removal or dark circles removal under the eyes is visible for between eight to eighteen months. After this, the filler will gradually be broken down by the body itself and a maintenance treatment is recommended to maintain the result 

What is the difference between puffiness and dark circles?

We often get the question; is there a difference between puffiness and dark circles under the eyes? The answer is, yes. These two indications are quite different from each other. Puffiness is a thickening under the eyes due to the accumulation of fluid. Dark circles under the eyes are a reflection of the underlying muscles and blood vessels because the skin under the eyes is simply very thin. As we age, the fat under the eyes pulls away and the color becomes even more visible, and so does the accumulation of fluid under the eyes