GLOW Anti-aging

“For improved skin texture with subtle tightening.” 

What is your wish for improvement?

  • Would you like to take a step back in time? 
  • Do you experience that your skin feels saggy and drooping a bit more? 
  • Do you see more wrinkles and age spots appearing? 
  • Would you like firm and resilient feeling skin? 

Our treatment for aging and sagging skin 

Is this recognizable? Then a GLOW Anti-aging combination treatment may be the right choice for you. Especially during and after menopause, the amount of estrogen in your body decreases. As a result, the amount of collagen and elastin decreases. This causes less elasticity and firmness in your skin.

Also, the amount of fat in the face decreases as you age and the skin is less able to retain moisture. This results in drier and sagging skin. With a GLOW anti-aging treatment we ensure that your skin feels tighter and firmer again and you regain a fresh and young appearance. 

What is GLOW Anti-aging?

The GLOW Anti-aging combination treatment is the perfect blend of treatments and techniques that we apply side by side (different skin zones) or on top of each other (same skin zone). This mix is specifically aimed at strengthening aging and sagging skin and renewing the skin.

The GLOW Anti-aging treatment is a combination of different techniques: you start by preparing your skin for the treatment, which you do at home with special HOME skin care cosmeceuticals.

Then during the GLOW Anti-aging treatment at our clinic we often put in the spiciest treatments and most powerful peel we have: the Cosme Peel Forte, we can combine this with microneedling or microneedling with radio frequency. Together this creates a unique recipe to effectively tone your skin. 

What makes our GLOW treatments unique? 

Each skin area often has different needs. For example, you may have sagging cheeks and around your mouth and at the same time suffer from rosacea on your nose and pigmentation on your forehead. The uniqueness of our GLOW treatments is that in one session we treat the same skin area with different techniques to penetrate deeply, but also treat different skin areas. This all falls under one combination treatment that we call GLOW treatment.

Why do we do it this way? We have experienced and proven that this way we can achieve a faster, more effective and better result for your face, neck and/or cleavage. 

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The GLOW Anti-aging step-by-step plan

Intake Intake

We begin with a free intake that focuses on your needs. Together we look at the needs of your skin in your face, neck and/or cleavage at that time. For example, we look at the degree of skin aging: is it incipient, advanced or severe? We then advise which treatments we think are most suitable for you. For example, do PRO treatments suit your needs (think fillers and Botox®)? Together we will come to a personalized treatment plan to make you and your skin shine. We also give you an indication of the costs. 

Pre-treatment Pre-treatment

You can start right at home to improve your skin condition and slow down the aging process. You do this with our HOME skincare cosmeceuticals. These cosmeceuticals have a high concentration of active ingredients such as antioxidants, glycolic acid, retinol (vitamin A), vitamin E and vitamin C. With the right products you can already stimulate cell renewal in your skin and make sure that your skin is as receptive as possible to the treatment. This preliminary process is very important because it accounts for about 30% of the result. It also reduces the chance of a skin reaction after the treatment. Your skin is already accustomed to certain ingredients that we use during the treatment. 

Treatment Treatment

The treatment session consists of several components. We select the appropriate peels for your skin. When your skin allows it, in case of advanced or severe skin aging, we use our most powerful peel: the Cosmo Peel Forte. This one is a combination of 10% glycolic acid, 20% TCA and 10% phenol and penetrates deep into the skin. This peel stimulates skin renewal: dead skin cells are removed and these are replaced by healthy, new skin cells. Do you have a more sensitive skin? 

Besides the Cosmo Forte we have a wide range of other peelings which also effectively work on the sagging of your skin. We often combine a peeling with microneedling and/or microneedling with radiofrequency. With microneedling we make tiny holes in the skin, with micro needling with radio frequency we also add heat, which provides an even deeper effect. The skin then heals itself and in the process produces collagen, which improves skin texture. This session with these different treatments takes an average of 45 to 60 minutes. 

Post-treatment Post-treatment

You will be given comprehensive aftercare instructions after each treatment so you know exactly what to do and what to expect. Because the treatments are more intensive, you should expect your skin to peel, look red or be somewhat swollen. Immediately after treatment, the skin feels warm and is somewhat swollen. The first 24 hours the skin is red and tight. After 48 hours, the skin begins to peel and this lasts about 7 to 14 days. It is important to minimize itching or pulling on the loose skin as much as possible to avoid scarring. 

After microneedling, the skin is red for a short time and if radiofrequency was used, small dot prints may be visible for a few days. In the first week after treatment, avoid exfoliating creams, scrubs and masks with lots of perfume. Also be sure to avoid bright sun, or massages and beauty treatments for four weeks. With HOME-treatment products selected especially for your skin, take care of appropriate aftercare at home. Do you have questions about aftercare? Your skin therapist will be happy to help you – even after treatment. 

Result and maintenance Result and maintenance

Your skin is smoother and tighter, giving a lifting effect. For long-lasting results and permanently improved skin condition, we recommend repeating this treatment. We build up the intensity of the GLOW anti-aging treatment to maintain the results and slow down skin aging permanently. 

GLOW Anti-aging in your Confidence Booster® annual plan? Prices

Does this GLOW treatment suit your skin and your improvement needs? During the intake we look at your face and determine together whether we include this treatment in your personal plan. We also determine what frequency will give the best results.

We almost always recommend multiple treatments. Research shows that skin treatments in cure context give the best and fastest results, think of an average of 4 to 6 treatments and then maintenance treatments. We often combine the GLOW anti-aging treatment with one of our PRO treatments, because this often gives even better results. Should one or more of our PRO treatments be a good addition for you, then we include it together with the GLOW Anti-aging in your personal plan.

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