Onze visie en filosofie

Our vision and philosophy

“We look at the unique shape of your face and consider the long term.”  

Always a beautiful and natural result.

At Van Rosmalen Clinic, we view beauty from our own perspective. This perspective stems from our main objective: to obtain the most beautiful, natural result and prevent signs of aging as much as possible. This means that we have a different approach than most cosmetic aesthetic clinics. We work based on our unique concept, which is the Confidence Booster®. Here, a personal long-term treatment plan is drawn up for you by our experienced cosmetic doctors KNMG and skin therapists. In order to provide the most appropriate advice, we look at the unique shape of your face.  

Personalized treatment plan  

We believe it is important to keep your face in harmony. Nobody wants a face that is visibly or conspicuously treated, others should only notice your fresh look. In doing so, we take into account the Golden Ratio; certain proportions in the face that make someone attractive. The personal treatment plan consists of a combination of injectable and skin therapy treatments with the right skincare advice applied to your skin. Indeed, experience shows that this is the golden combination to achieve the fastest, most beautiful and long-lasting results. So our advice is always very personal and completely tailored to you and your needs 

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Who are we?

Your face is unique!

A unique and customized treatment plan is our starting point, because not everyone can have the same treatment and the desire to have something done varies from person to person. Maybe that bump on your nose or drooping corners of your mouth have bothered you for years. Maybe you want to appear less tired, get rid of your angry look, appear more youthful or get ahead of aging. Just as everyone has their ownflaws,” everyone also has “winners” in her or his face. We discuss this in detail during an initial consultation. Then together we make a personal treatment plan. Precisely because of this method, your natural appearance is preserved and your characteristic beauty is emphasized

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With a good feeling out the door

Obtaining the best result and maximum satisfaction is our first priority. The steps to the best result are different for everyone. But whatever these steps may be, fulfilling your wishes comes first. We use the latest techniques and high-quality products from renowned brands. Our specialists work very carefully and will never advise you to treat more than is actually necessary. In this way, we ensure that you leave with a good feeling. 

Training clinic for cosmetic doctors and skin therapists

The Van Rosmalen Clinic is a recognized training center for aspiring cosmetic doctors and skin therapists to learn the intricacies of the profession in practice. Because in addition to a solid theoretical basis, practical experience is essential. Through years of experience, regular education and working with the latest techniques, we are able to train up-and-coming cosmetic doctors and skin therapists.  

We also regularly train experienced cosmetic physicians in the field of Skin Deep Anatomy. We do this in the Skills Lab of Erasmus MC. Also, founder Annemarie van Rosmalen is head of the SOCG training committee and is a much sought-after speaker at conferences at home and abroad on developments in her field. 

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