Confidence Booster®

“Shape your confidence!”

The unique formula for a lifetime of beauty!

+ Confidence Booster® PRO

With theConfidence Booster® PRO,” we use injectables (fillers and Botox®) to treat not just wrinkles or loss of volume, but emotions. We make sure you no longer look tired, angry or sad, but rather fresh, radiant and healthy. 

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+ Confidence Booster® GLOW

During theConfidence Booster® GLOW” you will undergo a unique combination of skin treatments where we treat different skin areas separately in sessions according to needs.  The treatment consist of combinations of laser treatment, microneedling or peeling. 

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+ Confidence Booster® HOME

The “Confidence Booster® HOME” consists of matched skincare products, or cosmeceuticals, adapted per season. With theConfidence Booster® HOME” you support professional treatments, prevent relapse and have prevention in your own hands. 

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De Confidence Booster

The Confidence Booster® is the ”golden keyto a lifetime of beauty and grooming! It is a personalized annual plan consisting of a combination of the Confidence Booster® PRO, GLOW & HOME. 

In other words, injectables, skin therapy and a personalized selection of high quality home skin care products. 

Experience shows that an integrated collaboration between cosmetic doctors KNMG and certified skin therapists ensures the best results. In fact, a combination of injectable and skin therapy treatments with daily use of the right skincare greatly complements each other. Through this combination, the fastest, most beautiful and long-lasting results are achieved. Thanks to using skincare products and undergoing skin therapy treatments, for example, you get stronger and healthier skin. You can then also enjoy injectables longer because they stay in place better. 

”The Confidence Booster® provides a healthy, fresh, radiant and authentic result so that you can present yourself to the world with confidence and therefore be more beautiful and successful.” 

The personal treatment plan

Together with your cosmetic doctor KNMG, and/or highly qualified skin therapist you will look at and discuss your face. You will be advised which combination of treatments will give the most beautiful and natural result. This is recorded in your personal treatment plan: your own roadmap to a youthful, rested and fresh appearance. 

The treatment plan is a plan for the long term, so you can understand the steps needed for a long-lasting beautiful result. For the best results, interim evaluations are made and the treatment plan is adjusted if necessary. 

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