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Eyelid surgery

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Do you suffer from heavy eyelids?

Do you suffer from heavy eyelids or feel tired for no specific reason? Excess skin on the upper eyelids can cause these symptoms. Some people even get headaches from it. An upper eyelid correction may be the solution. In addition, this procedure provides a fresh, open look and a rested appearance. 

Upper eyelid surgery 

Are you considering an upper eyelid surgery? Once you’ve made the decision to have this procedure, it’s up to us to guide you perfectly. We understand that it is an exciting step, which is why we like to take the time to pay attention to your story. During the initial no-obligation consultation, the doctor will look at your options with you. Sometimes an eyelid correction can be postponed by a treatment with botox and fillers.

If there is sufficient excess skin, an upper eyelid correction can be scheduled. During this procedure, the skin and, if necessary, excess fatty tissue is surgically removed. The procedure takes place under local anesthesia. This means that afterwards you can go home and recover. 

Lower eyelid surgery 

Do you suffer from puffy eye bags? If so, it is important to have one of our cosmetic doctors first determine what what type of puffiness is involved. If it is determined during a consultation that a lower eyelid correction is the best solution, the doctor will remove excess skin and/or fat during this procedure. With a fat roll, the excess fat under the eyes is removed, this is done through the mucous membrane on the inside of the eyelid. The advantage of this is that there are no visible scars. Do you suffer from excess skin under the eyes? Then the excess loose skin is removed through a small incision just below the edge of the eyelashes. The scar from this is virtually invisible.

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Consultation with a cosmetic doctor KNMG Before the treatment

Before being treated at our clinic, you will have a consultation with one of our cosmetic doctors KNMG to listen to your story and see if the treatment is right for you. If it is, the cosmetic doctor will tell you all about the procedure through a short presentation. This will cover the procedure itself, the recovery process and the expected result. There is also room for asking questions. The doctor will give you a precautionary form so that you can review the most important information (prior to the treatment) at home. 

Eyelid surgery The treatment

On the day of surgery, you will come to our clinic with someone who can bring you back home safely. Our doctors will take you through the entire procedure so that you know what to expect. Initially, the excess skin is marked off and measured exactly how many millimeters of skin will be removed. Then the upper eyelids are numbed by means of an injection. You may feel this briefly, but afterwards it is so well anesthetized that you only feel touch during the procedure, but absolutely no pain. During the procedure, excess skin and, if necessary, underlying fat is removed. Then the wound will be sutured and covered with suture patches. Immediately after the procedure you will receive cooling advice from our assistants for at home and the eyelids will also be cooled to counteract swelling.

After an eyelid surgery After the treatment

After the procedure, you will receive aftercare instructions from us. It is important to read these carefully and follow them, so that the recovery from the eyelid correction goes well. In general, the procedure is not considered painful. After the anesthesia wears off, there may be a tugging sensation. You can simply take a paracetamol for this to get rid of this feeling. Furthermore, vision may be slightly impaired and the eyes may feel dry. There may also be some post-operative bleeding. Don’t worry about this, this is perfectly normal on the first day after the procedure.

Twenty-four hours after the procedure, it is important to run running water over the wound to keep it clean. Cooling is also important for the first two days to reduce swelling. After these two days, you may feel yourself whether you want to cool down and how frequently. After about a week you will have your eyelid surgery check-up appointment. During this appointment, the sutures will be removed. After they are removed, the scar is visible.

Unlike the first week, where you see progression of the recovery on a daily basis, from this point forward you will see the eyelid surgery scar healing nicely on a weekly or monthly basis. In the first few months, the scar may still be colored red, feel tight or be a bit swollen. To promote recovery, it is a good idea to apply SPF to the scar daily. For questions about aftercare and recovery, we are always available by email or phone!


An fresh and open look The result

After treatment, bruising and swelling may occur. These disappear in most cases within a week. After the swelling subsides, the result of the upper eyelid correction is already visible. The final result is visible after several months. You will again go through life with a fresh and open look! 

Monitoring after eyelid surgery Check up

At the Van Rosmalen Kliniek, personal treatment is paramount. A week after the treatment will be a moment scheduled with the doctor to remove the stitches and to see if the wound heals nicely. Also, the clinic is always available for questions or tips. 

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Upper eyelid surgery
Upper eyelid surgery
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